658 million of the province to protect primary and secondary school students

Spring Festival opening soon, in order to ensure the spring before the start of the subsidy for the timely disbursement of funds to the school, to ensure the normal operation of the province’s primary and secondary school, recently, the provincial government issued the 2014 compulsory education guarantee funds 658 million yuan.

it is understood that the number of funds in rural compulsory education in primary and secondary schools, issued 388 million yuan of public funds, Xining City, East Sea city, Qinghai Lake and Hainan Youth Department of primary and secondary public funds and heating subsidies standards of primary school were 675 yuan, 705 yuan and 755 yuan, the junior high school were 875 yuan, 905 yuan and 955 yuan, benefiting 555 thousand students. Issued from the city compulsory education stage tuition 44 million 850 thousand yuan of special funds, Xining and Haixi state primary and secondary public funds and heating allowances for primary school were 410 yuan and 440 yuan, the junior high school were 450 yuan and 480 yuan, benefiting 129 thousand students. Issued by the rural compulsory education students dietary allowance 225 million yuan subsidy, subsidy standards for each student per year of $600, benefiting students up to 397 thousand and 500 people.

provincial government asked all localities to fully implement the matching funds by all levels of financial commitment, do a solid job pay special funds management, and take effective measures to prevent the false impersonator fraudulent grant funds and embezzlement of funds, retention behavior.


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