Municipal Seismological Bureau to carry out a series of 5 12 disaster prevention and mitigation camp

in May 12th this year is the fourth day of disaster prevention and mitigation, earthquake prevention and disaster reduction propaganda work to effectively do, according to Seismological Bureau of City Disaster Reduction Committee and the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau jointly issued the "Xining city to carry out the fourth national day of disaster prevention and mitigation publicity and education activities plan" requirements, combined with the "carry forward the culture of disaster prevention and mitigation, improve the awareness of disaster prevention" propaganda theme, focus, and prominent primary school two earthquake active preparations, careful raising, from May 4th -5 12 to further promote the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction into the school, into the community publicity: one is in the North Street Primary School, middle school, primary school Nanchuan road bridge were carried out in order to prevent the earthquake lectures and disaster emergency evacuation drill combination as the main form of propaganda, interspersed with knowledge and watch the publicity boards issued manual auxiliary propaganda. Two is the office of the office of the west to carry out an effective earthquake emergency tabletop exercises. Effectively improve the majority of primary and secondary school students escape skills and self-help ability, enhance the ability of emergency management of street offices. To the point to do propaganda work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. The three is to participate in the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in the large square sunning Plaza organize promotional activities, more than 30 pieces on display panels, distributing promotional materials more than 600 copies, and in the past the masses to carry out the prize quiz, a total of more than 180 copies of questionnaires.










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