ntroduction of new social security subsidies

Reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, according to the Xining area on the annual average wages of workers 52105 yuan / year (about 4342 yuan / month), our city public service jobs have difficulty finding employment, flexible employment social security subsidies standards will be adjusted accordingly.

– public service jobs employment difficulties: basic endowment insurance, subsidies will have difficulty finding employment actually paid basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance subsidies, not including individual pay part and other social insurance premiums. Endowment insurance subsidies are paid according to the actual number of people to pay 60% to 100% of the pension insurance contributions to the proportion of different subsidies. Medical insurance subsidies are paid by the proportion of 8% of the medical insurance to pay for their time to subsidize the part of the 6%, part of the personal commitment by the proportion of 4.2% of the payment of medical insurance to pay the full amount of time to subsidize the use of medical insurance. Unemployment insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions of the unemployment insurance regulations, directly into the unemployment insurance fund accounts, according to the payment personnel set ledger. Industrial injury insurance premiums according to the provisions of the industrial injury insurance regulations, directly into the social security fund accounts, according to the payment personnel set ledger.

– Flexible Employment: flexible employment of "4045" personnel, the disabled, zero employment of family members, single family members laid off in their personal capacity to pay social insurance premiums, can enjoy social insurance subsidies. Social insurance subsidies to the initial approval of their social insurance subsidies when the age limit. In addition to employment difficulties of the statutory retirement age less than 3 years (born before December 31, 1967 born former female workers laid off from state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises in December 31, 1962 before the original male workers laid off) can be extended to retirement, the remaining staff enjoy giving up no more than five years of subsidies. Subsidy standards: endowment insurance subsidies are based on flexible employment of 70% of the basic pension insurance actually paid. Medical insurance subsidy is the 70% subsidy for the basic medical insurance premiums for the flexible employees.  

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