Datong County primaries shortlisted 2012 China’s top ten cities slow travel

Third China consumer economy forum and the top ten of China’s top ten slow travel large selection and evaluation stage is nearing completion of the end of the 2012. According to the selection committee of experts and the media jury preliminary vote, Datong County rely on the beautiful scenery, rich ecological resources, long history and culture, rich folk customs, in the selection of qualified China 2012 "top ten" city slow travel.

"slow city" is a new mode of city. With the fast pace of life in different ways, here, there is more room for people to walk, there are more green space for recreation, there is more convenient for people to enjoy the entertainment business and, more for people to exchange square. In addition, "slow city" also advocated removal of unsightly billboards, neon lights of the city, wires, and limit the car speed and prohibit car horns, advocate harmonious neighborhood communication, hope people have more time to focus on family and children’s education.

in order to promote "slow city" concept, the Chinese consumer economy forum organizing committee in the urban and rural development research center, China Center for economic research and consumer daily consumption, held the third session of Chinese consumer economy forum summit in Jiangsu City, will eventually elect to slow Chinese ten. (Tong Shouman)



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