North District to strengthen measures to promote the construction of civic morality

to carry out the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee Twelfth Congress and the Municipal Committee of the thirteen session of the five plenary session of the spirit, the north area in combination with the actual situation, the socialist core value system as the fundamental, in the region within the organization to carry out the moral problems of special education management activities, adhere to the mass line of the party, play the main role of the masses and adhere to the combination and play the functions of departments self-education management, strengthen moral education and to solve the problem of combining education, adhere to governance and strengthen the system of establishing long-term mechanism combination, take effective measures to solve outstanding problems in moral field, and gradually formed a good habit that honour and integrity, promote harmony.
A is established objectives and tasks of education governance tasks. Mainly to the construction of a beautiful environment, to provide quality services, and establish good order, to resolve outstanding people’s life with high degree of association, society is concerned about the high degree of attention to the food industry, window industries and public places in three major areas of education focus on governance, efforts to solve the problem of lack of honesty and moral anomie, enhance awareness of integrity of cadres and the masses morality, sense of responsibility and sense of civilization, and strive to build a harmonious, integrity, safety, health, civilization.
led by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision departments, organizations, health, finance, public security, industry and commerce, human society, science and technology, state and local towns, streets and other departments, mainly solving the problem of service quality in public security, health, industry and commerce, taxation and other public service industries and the amount of difference, dishonesty etc. to further regulate the industry, services, improve service levels.
led by the district urban management department, organization and coordination of organs Working Committee, Federation of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women’s federations, construction, development and reform, economy, science and technology, industry and commerce, towns, streets and other departments, mainly to solve the problem of the lack of morality in the square, parks, shopping malls, farmers market, public toilets, scenic spots, streets and other public in places, guide people to consciously abide by social morality, and strive to build a good public environment and public order.

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