Black springs reservoir landslide road restoration

The on-site staff more than five days of uninterrupted time to repair, because of the large landslides blocking the road traffic line Ning Zhang black springs library, on the afternoon of November 2nd will finally collapse rocks cleared, traffic returned to traffic. From the collapse of the accident to clean up, there is no casualties. October 29th at 8 in the morning, the State Department of Nanjing line K65+430 black spring water reservoir section of a large mountain collapse, covering the entire surface of the mountain of more than 5 thousand cubic meters of rock, resulting in road traffic disruption. Highway maintenance department first activate contingency plans, organizing rescue teams, the deployment of 11 loaders, excavators and other equipment for maintenance, rescue pat and road brigade, traffic police department rushed to the scene together, to ease the backlog of vehicles. Due to large amount of landslides, on-site operation is narrow, and the loosening of the mountain, again at any time may lead to landslides landslides, clean-up work difficult, after the highway maintenance emergency rescue squad for five consecutive days to clean up, the current traffic has resumed traffic. In order to completely eliminate the risk of collapse of the mountain collapsed, the maintenance unit will organize personnel, machinery to brush the slope of the mountain renovation, eliminate security risks.  

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