n the next three years the courts of our province will gradually realize the information disclosur

  if you want to understand the court’s ruling documents, you can now go to the "Chinese referee network" view. In December 5th, reporters from the Provincial Higher People’s court learned that in the next three years, our province court will strengthen the platform construction, and actively promote judicial openness, gradually realize the judgment documents, public trial process, the implementation of information disclosure.

is currently in our province the first batch of open access referee instruments are more than and 100, the provincial court spokesman said that the province will use the Supreme Court has built China judgment document network, gradually realize the three level court in accordance with the law to the public documents all public access. In order to improve the quality of the documents, to further enhance the judicial skills and professional quality of judges, to ensure the correct and uniform application of the law, to maintain the authority of judicial adjudication.

in addition, the Provincial Higher People’s court will develop a unified query system to improve the trial process, to facilitate the parties to query the progress of the case, increase the transparency of trial work. This requires our province court to strengthen scientific and technological activities for the whole trial court construction, synchronous audio and video recording, to achieve every court must be recorded, and innovation in video and audio, graphics, micro-blog and other public hearing process way.

the court will also establish a unified platform for the implementation of information disclosure, let the public and the parties to understand the people’s court has taken enforcement measures, and the implementation of operation process of the implementation of the right as the core content of public execution, give full play to the public execution of corrosion resistance. And improve the implementation of information query system to facilitate the parties to inquire at any time, to understand the progress of the implementation of the case. (author: hard)


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