Kumbum Monastery Tibet hospital medical team to carry out the clinic tour Jigzhi County

to further consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony, promote national unity and progress of the thought foundation and the mass foundation more solid, maintain the good situation of the national unity and harmony and common development, promote the sound and fast economic and social development, Jigzhi County in the province on sing together to create a demonstration of unity and progress the first area of national occasion, vice chairman of the CPPCC Huangzhong County Kumbum Monastery, invited the provincial director of the CMC Zong Kang Buddha and Huangzhong County CPPCC Committee Chairman Zhang Shihui led the medical team to the hospital in the Kumbum Monastery county open exhibition tour clinic activities.

August 23rd – 25, scorching sun, scorching sun. Kumbum Monastery Tibet hospital medical team of 8 technical backbone of the business by 3 days, Jigzhi County town of Chi Ching and more in-depth community, de closure temple, Baoyu scenic area as the herdsmen years are asked doctors to send medicine clinic activities carried out. Nearby residents more enthusiastic, rushed to the scene early. Kumbum Monastery Tibet hospital medical team to get people blitz, difficult disease treatment, health consultation, free medical people packed in a continuous line, 8 health care workers, too busy to eat a meal, ask questions, do history examination, strict in demands patience. At the same time also distributed Tibetan medicine knowledge publicity materials to the masses in the past, enhance the herdsmen’s health and prevention awareness, teach them some basic health skills. Tibet doctor said: "we love huasang eat more bitter, can make patients less suffering from a disease". President Dan Bbe Nany said it would take the initiative to respond positively to the construction of national unity and progress demonstration pilot areas, do their best to spread health, dissemination of science, dissemination of civilization, to fulfill their responsibilities, to give back to society. According to incomplete statistics, in 3 days of clinic activities, total admissions of patients with more than 1112 passengers, free to send medicine more than 170 kinds of drugs per capita of more than 180 yuan, the total value of more than 20 yuan, issued more than and 500 copies of promotional materials of Tibetan medicine knowledge, benefit the masses more than 4000 people.


clinic activities by the warm welcome and the intersection of herdsmen’s praise, not only to help the masses free examination, diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases, effectively solve the practical problems of herdsmen "difficult and expensive", but also the promotion of common disease prevention and health knowledge, improve disease prevention consciousness, teach them some disease treatment and for national unity and progress to create a demonstration area to create a good start. (author: Liu Qingwu)

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