The typical experience of the pilot study on the practice of the Party branch of Xining Xin Le commu

Xining xnle community party branch in the study and practice activities in the pilot work, the people’s livelihood, serving the people, especially the care of vulnerable groups as the starting point, carry out the study and practice of the foothold, to serve the people the truth as the starting point, and strive to build a community of love, and achieved tangible results.

Since the

learning practice activities, community party branch promptly set up a leading group to study the practice and working mechanism, determine the theme of the activities for the pilot program, to determine the practice carrier to continue to emancipate the mind and accelerate scientific development, improve services, expand service areas, to build a harmonious and civilized community ". To focus on learning, lectures to area resident members, the flow of Party members to go out to take telephone, send information to take the free school door, home exchange way for the frail party, to expand the coverage of the study and practice activities. Community party cadres Street home, through listening, speaking, visit, send form, in-depth understanding of the difficulties of the masses, area residents to solicit opinions from the masses and to answer questions, to find a solution to the residents of the masses for the serious and urgent problems and influence the life of the masses. Community Party branch held a forum to take, individual talks, visits to the masses, suggestion boxes, issuing questionnaires and other methods, in area units, retired cadres, residents, community representatives of team members to solicit opinions and suggestions, to find the problem, laid the foundation for a clear rectification direction.

community party branch firmly grasp the practice of highlighting the characteristics of the implementation of the principles of the mass line, the true love, serving the masses as the most important practice of learning activities. Such as: relying on the "red Friday", the community of more than 80 years old members of the party, the elderly care action. Every Friday the community staff, by telephone and home visits about the form of the body of the elderly, living conditions and the difficulties and problems need to help, let the elderly every area can feel the party’s affection.


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