Xining key units of fire safety four ability to start construction

August 13th, Xining city in the province to hold fire key units "safety in Xining city four abilities" building standards mobilization meeting, asked all units to build a "social self management, self education and self service and self supervision" new pattern of fire. As a symbol, Xining fire safety key units of the four ability to start construction.

Xining city fire brigade, Xining City Fire Department at all levels to carry out the activities, to improve the Xining city authorities, organizations, enterprises and institutions of the fire safety "four abilities", namely the examination and rectification of fire hazards, recovery ability and guide the initial fire evacuation escape ability, self education and training ability. Strive to make the Xining city social unit fire organization to further improve the system, to further clarify the duties of fire control work, give full play to the "four abilities" model unit hire, strengthens the social "four abilities" propaganda, strengthen the functional departments of the joint guidance of the "four abilities" construction.

day, 38 fire safety in Xining city level key units for fire control work on the person in charge of Xining city civil air defense underground commercial street cross learn.

The main purpose of this activity is

popularized by visiting and signed letters of responsibility for the unit four, we have the (mobilization and observation) is a kind of unit, the next two class three units will also continue to do.


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