The spirit of China Xining women’s Federation held a female style contest

March 5th, Xining Chaoyang District, north of the city square and cheers bustling, for the 100 anniversary of the "38" International Women’s day, women’s Federation organized the "spirit of China Passion" female style contest.

contest in Bao Village Baoziwan town peasant woman show "kicked off" imposing percussion, gongs and drums out their female farmers in the new rural construction style, also out of their beautiful new life; brought by North District inspectors aerobics "happy" to show the cleaners the new age female inspectors style; by "Shuangxue Shuangbi" female experts, twenty shop villagers Bao Guangping established women’s fitness team performing "Kung Fu Fan" off the audience climax; song and dance "story of spring", "India Festival", "touch", "bracelet girl Kara" and other programs. A vivid demonstration of the women in Xining city in the economic and social development plays a role of "half the world"; a wonderful program, also express the women’s common aspiration: to a more positive attitude, more Full of enthusiasm, more pragmatic spirit, the construction of Xining more prosperous, more beautiful.

it is reported that from March 8th to the end of March, the provincial women’s Federation will hold a series of public activities, such as "women show posture" as the theme of the fourth female special recruitment, "38" human rights Week activities and the provincial women’s Federation of child welfare assistance project presentation ceremony and other activities, through these various activities to help the grassroots women. These activities will showcase our province contemporary women’s unique style and charm in the occupation development, marriage and family, social life, deeds of great achievements and further promote glorious history of women’s movement and women’s career and outstanding women.


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