Provincial second inspection teams to the Provincial Tourism Development Committee feedback situatio

11 29, 2009, the provincial inspection team to the Provincial Tourism Development Committee of the Party committee feedback second special inspections. Leader Liu Jianqing to the party secretary of the Party committee, director Terry Chui conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the Party leadership had feedback. Terry Chui presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Liu Jianqing pointed out that the Party committee in-depth implementation of the provincial government’s decision to deploy, and promote the tourism development of the province, to enhance the quality of tourism services, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good, but there still are some problems in the tour. First, the core role of the leadership of the Party committee is not sufficient, political acumen and the overall situation is not strong enough. Two organs of Party building work is weak, some branches of organizational life is not normal, individual party members and party spirit consciousness is not strong enough. Three is the lack of awareness of clean government and anti-corruption work, the implementation of the two responsibilities are not in place. Four is a violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central government and the provincial government 21 measures still exist problems of the eight measures. Five is the implementation of the party and government leading cadres selection and appointment regulations are not strict, supervision of Party members and cadres are not in place. At the same time, the clues found in inspections, has been transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Liu Jianqing on behalf of the inspection team made five suggestions. One is to strengthen the party’s construction, give full play to the core role of the Party leadership, to carry out special rectification of the existing problems, the effectiveness of inspections will be implemented. Two is in strict accordance with the new requirements of the party strictly, regularly study and solve the specific problems in the party building work, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness, and effectively solve the problem of heavy business party building. The three is the compaction of the two responsibilities to further promote clean government and anti-corruption work. Four is to implement the provisions of the spirit of the central government and the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the 21 measures, perseverance grasp style building. The five is to conscientiously implement the regulations on the selection and appointment of cadres, improve the supervision and management of the work of selecting and appointing cadres, and improve the institutionalization and standardization of the work of selecting and appointing cadres.

Terry Chui said that the provincial inspection teams feedback opinions and suggestions, comprehensively and objectively, realistically, Party committee will strictly implement the inspection rectification responsibility, Party members take the lead rectification, layers of conductive pressure, strictly implement the responsibility to establish the working mechanism of rectification, the list of issues and ledger, make feasible and effective rectification scheme; transformation of the inspection results, the implementation of the rectification and promote the tourism industry key work together, promote each other, so that both hands, two promotion, gave a satisfactory answer to the provincial government and the tourism of the cadres and workers to the actual effectiveness of the rectification work.


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