The province’s main market growth over the national level

Reporters from the provincial

Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that since the commercial system reform, Industrial and Commercial Bureau province actively take the registered capital subscribed, simplify residence (place of business) registration conditions, front to rear, "three in one, according to a code", push forward the reform of commercial system, further release the bonus reform, making the number I newly registered market players hit record highs, the main market growth for two consecutive years than the national average, new enterprises to maintain strong growth momentum, the vigorous development of new industries, new formats, and provides a new energy for the conversion of structure under the new norm.

it is understood that after the reform of the province’s new types of market players registered 140 thousand, accounting for the province’s total market players of 45.2%. Market access environment showed a good momentum of development gradually improved, promoting regional "province" in 13th Five-Year after an important period of old and new energy power conversion, with new economic vitality. In the first half of this year, the province’s new market players 36026, an increase of 25.7%, the average daily registration of new market players, the main 198. The province’s newly registered enterprises 8866, an increase of 21.7%, an average of newly registered enterprises every day, the new registration of private enterprises, a total of 8488, an increase of 21.5%; farmer professional cooperation of 1709, an increase of 14.4%. In the newly established enterprises, service industry growth, especially the rapid growth of information, culture, education and emerging services. In the first half, third new registered enterprises in the industry of 6537, an increase of 42.3%, accounting for the total number of newly registered enterprises of 73.7%. According to the National Bureau of statistics on the newly established small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to track the investigation, to the first quarter of this year, the first half of the province’s estimated new enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, creating more than 56 thousand jobs.


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