Qinghai delegation to consider the two high work report

March 13th and 14, attended the meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting of the Qinghai, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report.

Luo Huining representative said, agree with the two high report. Over the past year, the "two high" around "to let the people feel justice goal in every judicial case, conscientiously fulfill the duties entrusted by the Constitution and law, the work has achieved remarkable results, and made outstanding contributions to the overall rule of law. There are three characteristics: first, the initiative to integrate into the overall situation, to protect the overall situation; the two is to uphold justice for the people, justice, and the second is to do the courage to play, pioneering and innovative. Report facing the problem, very innovative.

, for example, on the report of Comrade Zhou Qiang, there are two special mention, one is the highlight of the court system reform, all listed a number of exploratory practice; the two is to put forward to the war "difficult to execute", two to three years to basically solve the problem. These two impressions are very deep. On the report of Comrade Cao Jianming, have two very deep impression, one is when telling the overall situation of the security service, emphasizing the accurate grasp of the laws and policies, pay attention to the distinction between the "five line", equal protection of the law of enterprise property rights and the legitimate rights and interests. This has a strong pertinence in the moment. Two is in the judicial supervision, highlighting the use of "protest" "procuratorial suggestions" and other means to protect the fairness of justice. The above is the highlight of the two high last year, but also the issue of concern to the delegates.

Mu Dongsheng said, there are four feelings on the "high" work: one is to perform judicial and procuratorial functions and duties according to law, the ability to safeguard national security and social stability of a new promotion; the two is to pay attention to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, the implementation of judicial new achievements for the people; the three is to improve the credibility of the judiciary, judicial system to achieve new breakthroughs in reform; the four is to focus on the new requirements of the sun of justice, judicial public construction has made new progress. Suggestions to co-ordinate and promote the reform of the judicial system, standardized and efficient judicial power operation mechanism; timely revise and improve relevant laws, formulate supporting system, the legal reform and complement each other; people’s efforts to solve problems, to ensure the quality of.

Liu Li said last year, prominent features of "two high" work: one is to perform their duties according to law, judicial justice, improve judicial credibility; the two is to adhere to the spirit of reform, a positive and effective exploration in the aspect of judicial system; three is to create a political firm, excellent service team under the judicial power to the staff to improve the political and professional quality. Suggestions on some hard measures in judicial reform especially involves the interests of each person to strengthen guidance, strengthen propaganda, to dispel misunderstanding, to ensure the smooth reform, team stability.

Ren Jianxin said that the two reports written concisely, reasonable structure, in the past year, the "two high" embodies the consciousness of the party and the people’s awareness, adhere to the people, judicial justice; reform and innovation efforts, has achieved remarkable results; to strengthen communication links with the deputies, the use of new media to report to the relevant work, and consciously accept supervision.

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