Provincial Commission for Discipline nspection bulletin six typical problems


of the party since eighteen, the area departments to earnestly implement the full implementation of strict requirements, pay close attention to the pressure conduction, strengthen accountability, dealt with a number of performance of two typical problem responsibilities ineffective. In order to further promote the implementation of the two responsibilities, in June 12th, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will be investigated and dealt with the recent 6 typical problems were notified.

Xining City Civil Air Defense Office team members due to repeated violations of the unit issued benefits and other issues are held accountable. From 2013 to 2014, Xining City Civil Air Defense Office and its subordinate units through festivals, games, air defense training contest contest time, repeated violations of cadres and workers for the payment of benefits, bonuses, its subordinate units in the little Treasuries and related staff serious disciplinary problems. Related to direct disciplinary personnel are processed. In December 2015, the main responsibility for the implementation of ineffective, Xining city party secretary Chang Zhenan, director of the office has been removed from their party posts and administrative demerit, deputy director of the party members, Nian Yinghai and Tian Xiaoqin were subject to Party warning.

Song Weijun, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of the CPC Committee of the Longhua sea east city of, such as the Committee of the Communist Party of the people’s Republic of China, such as Ashe, was responsible for the poor supervision of cadres. In January 19, 2016, the East Sea City Commission for discipline inspection found Longhua County Ashe Township Office time service hall was empty, some cadres to sleep in the dormitory, the problem time attendance is not standardized, the related discipline personnel by processing. In March 2016, the main responsibility for poor performance, deputy secretary of the township party committee Ashe Song Weijun by Party warning, township discipline Secretary Chen Xianguang organization adjustment, other responsibilities were admonishing conversation.

Deputy magistrate

Hainan Tongde County Government Li Peng Yi for implementation of the project supervision by responsibility. In September 2013, Tongde County Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau bidding in violation of relevant regulations, signed a project agreement with Qinghai in the new energy development Co. ltd.. Due to the unreasonable design and construction quality problems, resulting in 18 greenhouses collapsed to a certain degree, the masses caused economic losses and adverse social impact, the relevant personnel were subject to Party discipline and direct treatment. March 2016, due to fulfill the main responsibility, Li Pengyi by the party warning.

Jigzhi County, Golog,

wow aryi Township, the former party secretary Ma Fushou, former deputy secretary of the Party committee, Mayor Li Ning for members of the team had been held accountable for serious disciplinary problems. During the period from 2013 to 2014, Jigzhi County, former deputy mayor Hu Qingpan wow aryi township has repeatedly misappropriated funds Huimin, being expelled from the party and administrative dismissal, transferred to judicial organs suspected violations of the law. In October 2015, the main responsibility for poor performance, Ma Fushou by the party warning and administrative demerit, Ning by the party a serious warning and administrative punishment and ordered to resign.

provincial geological and Mineral Exploration Institute of the leadership of the fifth units of illegal procurement and payment of labor insurance supplies are subject to accountability. In November 2014, the Province fifth geological and Mineral Exploration Institute in the procurement of labor insurance supplies in the process, there is not in accordance with the provisions of the bidding, over the scope of labor insurance supplies and other issues, in violation of the "Bidding Law" and;

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