Xining 805 low cost housing tenants in new houses

three level audit by the public, and reported to the city’s real estate management departments in line with the conditions of low-cost housing for the application of the 805 families, in the room after the smoke, in October 10th began to check in procedures. Does not want to dare now have many new houses before check-in at the site of the low household joy shows between the lines.

it is reported that, after the national day, I started in the southern area and Kang Nanchuan road match factory of the 859 sets of low rent housing for public distribution in four areas, and centralized pumping, the final 805 low-income families have low rent housing eligibility, and get a low rent housing rent. In the check-in site, residents pay in natural gas, cable television and other expenses, and the relevant departments signed a notice submitted to the District, then the construction sector after the signing of a lease contract can take the key in.

the public distribution of low rent housing for the vast majority of south area of affordable housing two, with the two Rilian housing tenants occupancy area, the property management department specially opened low rent housing housing. Into the model room, one bedroom and one Wei low-cost housing adequate lighting, kitchen and bathroom decoration basically in place, where the area is also equipped with basic facilities such as road greening. Model housing units outside the wall, the property company also on the low rent housing rental, property management fees, etc.. According to publicity, the area of 50 square meters of low rent housing annual rent of about $260, property management fees of more than 270 yuan.

more than and 70 year old Ma Shengzhi, in order to cure his wife sold her a bit of real estate only, not to the death of his wife and daughter, both life and wealth, only in the rental price cheaper in a dilapidated cottage in india. In the community help, he applied to a set of low rent housing, at check-in, he excitedly told reporters, did not expect to live the rest of life on the premises, a year to pay 200 yuan in rent he could well afford it, thanks to the government that low-income housing policy. (author: Xiao Yu)


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