Seoul Xining direct shipping 15 days this month

since December 15th, Xining and Seoul, South Korea will build a bridge between the air. The Xining charter flights to Seoul will continue for one year, with the opening of the direct flights between Qinghai and South Korea, the trials of a long journey distance will be greatly shortened, tourists by charter about 4 hours to reach the other side, enjoy the magnificent and beautiful plateau city two distinct scenery.

according to the Qinghai provincial government and South Korea reached an agreement, from December 15th onwards, Xining will achieve charter flights to Seoul. South Korea plans to fly within a year, a week to fly a round-trip flights between the two places, and reached a swap agreement. In other words, in the future, Qinghai, South Korea tourists can directly take the two direct charter flights, a significant reduction in transit time and travel costs between the two places.

in recent years, with the great reputation of the United States and Qinghai continue to improve, the number of foreign tourists to Qinghai tourism is also rising, which is the number of tourists from South Korea is on the rise. Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics show that in 2013, South Korean tourists in the ranks of foreign tourists to the green, ranked second, an increase of 199.6%. Tourism industry insiders said that with the opening of the two charter flights, not only can greatly stimulate foreign tourists in Qinghai, will help promote the cultural exchanges and trade between the two countries.


is responsible for matters relating to charter flights Qinghai West International Travel agency responsible person, the charter period, Qinghai tourists to Korea tourism will be more favorable, South Korea flying eight day trip price is only 4680 yuan / person. Eight days time, visitors can enjoy the Seoul tower, Valentine lock small field, Jeju Island, Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Korean drama "from the stars you" shooting – the town of France and other attractions.

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