To ensure a smooth trip tomorrow in which the masses of 128 buses through Kumbum Monastery

held the afternoon of February 24th, the Municipal Transportation Bureau will arrange Kumbum Monastery Lantern Festival passenger traffic is expected, Kumbum Monastery will be increased this year, to ensure that the masses Guandeng smooth travel, the city will be between Xining and Kumbum Monastery for high-speed and Quik bus 128, arrange time for February 26th to 28.

it is understood that the Kumbum Monastery last year during the Lantern Festival, lanterns of the masses to Huangzhong reached 100 thousand passengers, passenger train passengers transported 3 passengers. 80 thousand?. This year the Kumbum Monastery Festival coincides with the weekend, bus line fares low, is expected to Kumbum Monastery Guandeng masses than last year growth of around 20%, the number reached 120 thousand people, including high speed, quick buses to transport passengers reached 50 thousand passengers. In view of this situation, based in Xining sent to Huangzhong 10 high-speed road passenger station on the Quik sunning, add 10; city bus company in Xining to ensure original Huangzhong 25 buses, 50 more buses; to ensure the normal operation of the total village to Huangzhong bus line. February 26th to 28, Xining to the starting point for a total of four locations: respectively, sunning road bus station, railway station bus terminal 9, the Yellow River Road, China Unicom building, South Gate station. Departure time: Xining to Huangzhong as early as 7 points, late at night, Huangzhong to departure time is as early as 7 points, late at 11 points.

then, Xining sent to Huangzhong bus all unified posted to identify, the relevant departments in the car specifically deployed staff to maintain order, in order to guide passengers to get on the bus, for the difficult problems of mass transportation solutions, inspection department will prosecute the illegal operation of various types of car, the traffic police department will increase the illegal behavior of all types of traffic and to ensure that the masses safe travel.


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