Qinghai development of Alpine agricultural and pastoral areas of solar Kang complex building heating

  recently, completed by Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College and other units of the "research and demonstration projects of solar Kang active passive composite heating building based on the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements by the Provincial Department of science and technology organization, that the results reached the international advanced level.

it is understood that the method of this project is to use the combination of theoretical simulation and experimental test, to develop solar Kang active passive composite building heating system is suitable for agricultural and pastoral areas of alpine, and completed a new passive air technology development and product development of collector.

at present, the project has been in 9 counties in our province built 110 sets of solar energy demonstration building, after testing, of which 75 sets of solar kang heating system in active thermal efficiency of 58.7%, passive heating system in thermal efficiency of 53.8%; annual heating under the condition of guaranteed solar rate was 85%; the average indoor heating temperature is 18.6 degrees centigrade. Another 35 sets of composite black ceramic solar heat collection system, under the conditions of the annual heating solar guaranteed rate of 65%. The project has good social and environmental benefits and high popularization and application value.


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