Xining City Consumers Association held 09 years of consumption and development the theme of the ann

in order to make this year’s "consumer and development" theme of the campaign in the form of novel content rich, full of sound and colour. In 2009 3 – 15 "International Consumer Rights Day is approaching, Xining City Business Bureau, the city Consumer Association held a 2009" consumer and development "theme and" 3 – 15 "series of activities work conference in February 17th, the area of more than 40 shopping malls, supermarkets, hand machine dealers and other responsible persons and" while two station "president, chief attended the meeting.

, the city industrial and commercial bureau deputy director of the city Tian Yongji Consumers Association in 2009 "consumer and development" theme of propaganda and 3 – 15 International Consumer Rights Day series of activities carried out mobilization advisory services and arrangements; City Consumers Association Secretary General Yang Ailing on the "consumer and development" the meaning of the theme and carry out "consumption and the development of" the theme of the year activities carried out on the significance. At the same time the major shopping malls, supermarkets business executives have said in 2009 to actively cooperate with the "consumer and development" theme of the campaign, and focus on the "consumer and development" theme, carry out various forms of promotional activities in the business about the credibility, integrity compliance, civilized operation, and earnestly fulfill the obligations of the "consumer law" gives operators and create a safe and secure environment for consumers.




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