Provincial Trade and industry bureau party secretary comrade Chen Xinglong in Xining four district

6 month 13 days to 14 days, Industrial and Commercial Bureau provincial Party Secretary Chen Xinglong comrades in the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau people education director Li Hao, director of the office of Qi Chimin, market director Liu Guangqing, accompanied by Industrial and Commercial Bureau city party secretary Wan Jianying comrades went to Xining City, East District, Chengzhong District, North District, West District 12 business and each branch of research work. See the work in the forefront of industrial and commercial cadres. During the investigation, the Secretary Chen Xinglong and the grassroots cadres had a cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of the basic business of the cadres and workers working and living conditions, visited each branch and part of the infrastructure construction and the situation, listened carefully to the industrial and commercial bureau and some work report, solicit the views of the work and all of the business advice. To everyone’s hard work, to promote the development of local economy and society, promote social harmony and make a positive contribution to the provincial Party representatives expressed heartfelt thanks. The next work is put forward to focus on "celebrate the eighteen, and innovation performance" theme of practical activities, in accordance with the "consciousness of service and efficient supervision, for human rights, the specific requirements of strict law enforcement, temper team", continue to promote the orderly conduct of the work.
in the East Branch of research, director Chen Xinglong pointed out that the East branch can seize Provincial Bureau proposed the "five key" tasks, take the initiative to perform their duties, and actively work together work, work in a healthy and orderly move forward. East Branch of the characteristics of the industry and commerce more, a high degree of cadre education, poor infrastructure conditions. Secretary Chen Xinglong stressed the need to standardize the construction of the industrial and commercial construction in a prominent position to grasp, so solid foundation, enhance vitality. Do a good job in four aspects, one is to grasp the ability of industrial and commercial director of construction. Director of the industry and commerce is a banner, is the leader of the most basic level, the level of industrial and commercial director of quality and the role played by the decision of the level of industrial and commercial work and effectiveness. The light has a diploma is not enough, but also a level of intelligence; the light is not enough, but also have the ability; light quality is not enough, but also have good ideas and methods. As a director, one should improve the ability of autonomous learning. To in-depth study, lasting learning, lifelong learning, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency in learning, we must seize the key, to learn to understand the relevant policies, but also constantly improve learning methods. Two ability to improve planning and decision making. In the face of new problems and new situations, to learn to be resourceful and decisive when the family. To do big things to think, every piece of work in mind, to the above, the following clear, the only way to have insight, strain, will not be confused by some superficial phenomena and illusion. Three to improve the ability to tackle tough. This can best reflect a person’s level, ability and execution, the work must be developed in the habit of getting up and down, the decision of the superior deployment and intention to immediately implement, not prevarication, no drag, no discount. Four to improve the ability of comprehensive coordination. Coordinate the internal relations, the relationship between the upper and lower levels of coordination, and the local offices, neighborhood relations in good coordination, and the area of entrepreneurs, the relationship between self-employed good. To improve the ability of innovation. To carry out some of the features and highlights of the work, we must do in innovation;

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