West Railway Station shops around the renovation once the complaint immediately seized

for the renovation of the Xining train station around the shops, pengci money rubbing and other illegal activities, in August 27th, many departments of Chengbei District of Xining City Industrial and commercial organizations, urban management, public security and fire control and Mafang Street offices to carry out joint enforcement, the confiscation of a large number of fake and shoddy goods, to close down three supermarket, and called all shop owners meeting, stressed that in the future once complaints will be immediately seized.

the big renovation from a letter called sad Xining letter. Some time ago, Xi’an Mr. Yang to travel to Qinghai, everything is smooth, on leaving Xining, he went to the Xining train station to a supermarket to buy things, only to encounter pengci, cheated three hundred yuan. For Mr. Yang, this was originally a good trip, but did not expect to finally become sad memories. So, after returning to Xi’an, Mr. Yang wrote this letter to the Xining municipal government.

it is understood that this year the North District received more than and 200 complaints online and the masses to report, reflect the Xining train station around the shops, pengci money rubbing phenomenon. Therefore, many departments of industry and commerce, urban management, Chengbei district organization of public security, fire protection, Mafang Street offices and other joint law enforcement, comprehensive remediation is counterfeit, illegal operation, fire safety and other aspects. The same day, law enforcement officers confiscated tobacco, beverages, dairy products, such as a large number of fake and shoddy goods, and according to the law to close the Beijing supermarket and other three shops. Then, all the shops around the boss held a meeting convened, stressed that in the future once the complaints will occur immediately seized the shops, in order to prevent pengci money rubbing, and other illegal acts. (author: Peng Na)

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