Three to the countryside activities into the big Baoziwan Village

December 11th, science caravan city of Xining into a large Baoziwan village Baoziwan Town, District, stage set up, pull up banners, popular science books sent to the hands of the villagers. 2012 – 2013 the north area of science and technology, culture and health "three countryside activities kicked off in Baoziwan village.

in the launching ceremony, the North District Tourism Bureau of science and technology presented in cultural and sports supplies to Baoziwan village. After the ceremony, brings a rich and colorful theatrical performances of the North District Museum actors for the villagers, preaching, singing and dancing performances, the show will form publicity charts together, the eighteen spirit and related policies on agriculture and rural areas to the villagers. (author: Peng Na Yang Huawen)

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