Provincial Department of human resources and social security and social security card

March 30th, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security in the Central Plaza held close to social security card theme campaign, the expert site for the public to answer doubts about the use of social security card. Daily economic news reporter noted that the use of social security card for the public there are 5 main questions, in this regard, the Provincial Department of human resources and Social Security Project Management Office of the social security section chief Hui Hui one by one to answer.

doubt a: social security card offsite withdrawals are charged fees?

answer: at present, the Construction Bank for the social security card financial accounts provided by the different places of preferential measures are:

1 agencies to protect the pension on behalf of the same bank or inter bank withdrawals, the first two months before the free fee;

2 urban and rural residents and workers of the enterprise, from the CCB system a month before the two pen offsite ATM, counter cash withdrawal fee.

in the future with the improvement of social security card financial functions and loading, will gradually introduce more preferential measures.

question two: after the loss of social security card, how to handle the loss reporting procedures?

: a social security card is lost, the cardholder should first call the Construction Bank (95533) and social sectors (12333) customer service phone oral report of loss, valid ID card respectively to the nearest social security card counter service window and service bank outlets for the social security function and financial function of bank written loss reporting procedures as soon as possible.

question three: social security card lost during the period, the urgent need to do?

answer: during the cardholder in the social security card, the official card is not finished, if needed hospitalization or special disease outpatient chronic disease drugs, may hold the "Qinghai province social security card business acceptance receipt", my identity card and "admission notice" or "special disease medical certificate", to fill in the territory of Kashin social security card service window for temporary social security card. Temporary social security card with medical settlement application function, valid for 3 months. When the cardholder receives the official social security card, the temporary card is returned, and the temporary card is cancelled immediately. In the future, with the gradual expansion of the number of cards, the province will start the sporadic business card printing mode, in order to solve the problem of the current batch business card printing cycle.

question four: after the opening of the financial functions of social security card, the money can also be used in the bank’s POS machine?

answer: not. Medicare account money can only be used for medical insurance expenditure, can not be used for other purposes, can not withdraw cash or on the POS machine consumption. Cardholders can pay through the social security card to pay the bank account settlement of personal self payment and expenses at their own expense.

question five: what will the future of social security card?

: a social security card in accordance with the data extraction and the urgent need for the first principle, the main function is to see a doctor for the first. With the development of our province and other business information system construction, and gradually the human social system in the old-age insurance, maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment service function in social security card loading. Social security card;

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