Qinghai officially launched the first geographical survey

The morning of July 22nd, to go turn change · perception of geographical conditions "and" the first reported · in Qinghai "as the theme of the first national census geographic conditions of Qinghai Province officially launched the census activities through 9 days of the 10 visits, conduct a comprehensive survey of Qinghai surveying and mapping geographic information mapping Qinghai, to grasp the situation of geographic national conditions, meet the needs of economic and social development and ecological civilization construction and lay a solid foundation.

is the basic conditions of important geographic conditions, to do a major survey of national conditions and national strength, is the understanding of national conditions, formulate important basic national policy work. To carry out the investigation of national conditions and strength, can fully access the geographic situation of resources, grasp the surface of natural, ecological and human activities the basic situation, analysis and the relationship between the basic characteristics, the distribution of space, we based on the bottom line of thinking, macro thinking, better grasp the overall situation has important significance, and can effectively deal with various risks and challenges, promote the settlement of all the deep-seated contradictions and problems. The province has a vast territory, rich in natural resources, has great potential for development and utilization. At the same time, most of the province is in the important area of national ecological environment protection, and the contradiction between resource development and environmental protection has made more urgent demands on the general situation of the national geographic survey and monitoring.

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