Xining city 2000 small Lei Feng street when the traffic police

"uncle, Hello, please go through the crosswalk after the green light, otherwise it is not safe……" March 5th, Xining Nanshan Road Primary School Students Hu Haicheng, at the intersection of Nanshan discourage pedestrians. After getting the pedestrian, he politely said, "thank you, uncle."."

on the same day, 2000 students of 18 primary school primary school, Nanshan Road, Xining City District Labor Road Primary School, primary school, Nanchuan Road 71 Road Primary School, primary school and Primary School Star Yu Jing Xiang the streets, clean, play small police". In Nanshan Road, West Road, North Street, Nanchuan City area of the high streets and back lanes everywhere wearing uniforms, wearing a red scarf, students. Some students cleaned the streets clean sanitation, rail and bus station Pavilion; some take a ribbon, at the crossroads of pedestrian, pedestrian to discourage uncivilized traffic.

Xining City District Board of education, the person in charge, in March 5th this year, the area of 18 primary schools in each grade 100 students were dispatched to the streets to clean up and discourage uncivilized traffic behavior of the five or six. One or two grade students in each school, leaving the school to clean the classroom and campus health, grade three or four students to clean the school perimeter. In addition, the students are still in the streets to discourage spitting, littering and cigarette butts, running red lights and other uncivilized behavior. The students participate in the secondary education, through a student influence and education of some people. (author: Chen Jun)

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