Xining early arrangements early deployment of eighteen actions to implement the spirit

Xining early arrangements, early deployment, in the city quickly set off a study of propaganda and implementation of the party’s eighteen major spiritual boom.

The eighteen

victory party after the closing, according to the central and provincial unified arrangements, timely issuance of the "Xining city Xining Municipal Committee of the CPC on earnestly study and implement the party’s eighteen big publicity notice", "the spirit of the CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the party’s eighteen study and publicize the spirit of the work program" and other related documents, comprehensive arrangements for the study and implementation of the party’s eighteen spiritual work. The morning of December 3rd, the Central Party’s eighteen team spirit of the report will be held at the Qinghai Convention Center, at the same time, Xining City, earnestly carry out the spirit of the preparatory focus on preaching activities in the province organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department eighteen. Through the organization of the city’s various regions and departments to participate in the report, the idea of the unity of the spirit of the eighteen, the power of cohesion to achieve the goal of the determination of the top eighteen.

In addition, the city of Xining from four levels to do a good job of the party’s spirit of the study of the promotion of the eighteen

. Comprehensive arrangements for the party’s eighteen major theoretical training of the spirit, as of now, a total of more than 500 cadres at the county level, county level cadres nearly more than 1 thousand people. Extensive activities to carry out the people preach. Composed of eighteen representatives, plum blossom award winner, Xining drama group Party branch deputy secretary Qu Qiaozhe, eighteen representatives, East District of the Salesian community director Chen Fenglian as the main member of the "eighteen new life to celebrate and praise the people preaching group stages in-depth agencies, schools, rural and community to carry out propaganda activities. Arrangements for the city’s various news units do a good job of the eighteen spirits of learning and publicity, so that the spirit of the party’s eighteen major popular. To create a social atmosphere. At present, large printing has produced more than 100 blocks, 3200 flags, in alleyways, community banners more than 1 thousand, making the flag of nearly 1000, more than 30 buses hanging banners in the city, down to create a harmonious, stable and positive social environment and atmosphere of public opinion. (author: City Vision office supervision)

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