Xining power grid to improve the grid structure of Urbanization

Xining power company this year with the industrial and agricultural production and urban and rural residents to use electricity in accordance with the actual, "strong network, excellent distribution network, make rural" work ideas, actively seek funds to implement the power grid construction projects, accelerate the improvement of the grid structure, through the implementation of the integration of urban and rural power grid, boosting urbanization.

in the main power grid construction, Xining electric power company will carry out 110 thousand new variable voltage power project preparatory work, do the project feasibility assessment, site selection and outgoing line path aproval, ensure that the new substation landing. In view of the increase in the use of electricity load, the capacity of the transformation of the urban area has 110 thousand volt substation, focusing on livelihood projects, housing projects and investment projects supporting the improvement of electricity infrastructure to ensure early supply.

in urban distribution network construction, the implementation of the cable into the ground, demolition of 10 thousand volt power supply line and cement pole, steel rod, transformer and other auxiliary equipment, built along the original path of cable channel, high and low voltage cable laying, installation of ring network cabinet, box type transformer and high voltage distribution box, power load through the cable box and the nearest access box.

in the construction of rural power grids, through the optimization of Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county rural power grid structure, to promote the construction of new rural electrification construction speed, ease the contradiction between power supply and demand in remote villages and towns. Promote the transformation of the supply line insulation, to facilitate the production of the masses, living electricity, boost urbanization. (author: Beijing Ji Guochao)

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