Xining two sessions sketch two sessions breeze blowing

fresh wind will come from practical politics, this year’s Xining NPC and CPPCC, either the wind or the NPC deputies and CPPCC members to speak, whether Congress or deliberation and discussion, embodies the pragmatic spirit and ethos and governing for the people.

for two consecutive days, the two sessions of the conference venue in Xining did not celebrate the meeting will be held in the large arches, did not put flowers and plants, but also do not distribute souvenirs. Representatives, members of the room does not have fruit, but also do not provide tobacco. The meeting was shortened from the previous five or six days to four days, strictly control the number of participants, the number of staff, work report, the report on the work of the proposed text than the previous compression of two or three…… There is no grand scene of the past, this year’s two sessions, opened in such a pragmatic atmosphere. The journalist from the Xining Municipal Office of the National People’s Congress and CPPCC office learned that in addition to the above changes, the NPC and CPPCC also cancelled the principal leaders of Xining city to visit condolences on behalf of the members of the conference convention, simplified procedures, compression conference expenses etc..

recently, the central and provincial Party committee have issued regulations to improve their work style, close ties with the masses, Xining city have also followed the provisions of Article 15 of the introduction of the Xining municipal government to improve the style, content and pragmatic, short and clear. Change in the experience for many years NPC and CPPCC representatives and members of the wind will be quite deep, "said don’t open a short, short sentence representatives to discuss problems is not deep, but avoid saying empty words, cliches, real time to do something, so that the people benefit." Since the opening of the meeting, it is necessary to have substantive results, the people want to reflect and solve the problem, for decision-making departments to solve the problem." Representatives, members of this can fully convey the positive energy will appreciate the wind. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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