Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the project to expand the scale of investment

for the current financial crisis impact on the current situation of the development of the economic society of our city, to carry out an in-depth study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission to seize the favorable opportunity of maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, structural adjustment policies, to secure funding, grasp project construction, efforts to expand the scale of investment, provide strong support for maintaining steady and rapid the city’s economic and social development.

The current

, the economic and social development of our city is in the investment stage, facing the new situation, the municipal development and Reform Commission for the implementation of the project funds as the main contents of the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, in the rural drinking water safety, rural roads, agricultural products wholesale markets, to work and to resettle the pilot project, the urban water supply pipe network construction and transformation, sewage and garbage treatment facilities, low rent housing, the construction of rural health infrastructure, focus on the central and western rural junior middle school and the transformation of circulation economy, the country and the province to actively seek funding for programs. At the same time, the major infrastructure and key water conservancy projects, recycling economy, ecological construction and environmental protection, the protection of housing projects, social development and other fields, and a number of the national screening plan to help enhance the development potential, improve the livelihood of the major projects started construction. Around the implementation of the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, Qinghai Tibet railway, Seager tier two Xining airport expansion, West transit highways and other major strategic projects, and strengthen the cohesion of national and provincial, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.


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