Xining drainage network began a large physical examination

rainy Road area of water, a lot of rain is caused by the sewer pipe blockage. In order to ensure that the rainy season when the city can safely pass the flood season, starting in March 19th, Xining drainage company Drainage Management Department of the city’s drainage facilities for cleaning.

in recent years, more and more street shops, many restaurants to swill into the manhole will contain a lot of oil, resulting in drainage pipeline near the sediment especially serious. At the same time, people free to garbage thrown into the sewage wells and water wells, adds strength to the dredging work, an important reason for a large number of construction waste is blocked pipeline. The reporter saw, dredging personnel everywhere from rain wells up a pile of black mud, which mixed with plastic bags, leaves and other junk. It is understood that the Xining municipal drainage company is responsible for the city’s nearly more than 30 thousand sewage wells and water wells dredging work, the whole work is about to spend about 100 days. (author: Tang Rong)

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