Shenzhen fair show Qinghai Charm

Reporters learned from the provincial culture and press and publication department, in May 15th, the Tenth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Shenzhen Fair) opened in Shenzhen. To participate in the current Shenzhen fair cultural enterprises in our province to rich and colorful, unique charm of the national folk cultural products, to the guests at home and abroad to show the great beauty of Qinghai distinctive cultural charm.

since 2008, the province has 8 consecutive years to participate in Shenzhen fair. I organized the province’s cultural enterprises with the characteristics of cultural products, to display transactions through the Shenzhen fair platform, the cultural enterprises in our province to broaden their horizons, to find business opportunities and partners to further expand our province characteristics of cultural products market space, increase the benefit of the enterprise culture, effectively promoted the rapid development of our province the characteristics of the cultural industry, effectively boosting the construction of cultural province. Shenzhen fair 25 cultural enterprises in our province organizations to participate in the exhibition this year, the exhibition area of 200 square meters, there are 8 major categories of more than 6 thousand varieties of exhibits, hand-painted Thangka, filigree, Duitou, Kunlun jade, the Yellow River stone art painting etc.. By the province of Chinese arts and crafts masters, Qinghai folk arts and crafts, national and provincial intangible cultural heritage project representative inheritors of the field performance. Our province is also focused on the promotion of special cultural industry investment projects. The Shenzhen Fair will end on May 19th.


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