Two departments to carry out safety inspections of fireworks

The Spring Festival is approaching, but also to the fireworks sales season, for the effective prevention of fireworks caused various types of accidents, from the recent City Safety Supervision Bureau will jointly Municipal Public Security Bureau of the city’s 158 engaged in fireworks sales outlets for safety inspection, to ensure that people can buy fireworks qualified.It is reported that the

, inspection will be focused on the points of sale of fireworks is required to set the fire fighting equipment, the existence of illegal sales of fireworks business behavior, store whether to set the safety evacuation channel, whether to establish and improve fire safety management system, whether the norms set up warning signs and protective devices for safety hazards investigation. The afternoon of January 29th, the City Administration held inspections in the province of sundry products limited liability company early mobilization, from the city of four district 90 retail business representatives attended the meeting, will be listed on Public Security Bureau police detachment police informed the typical cases in two causes of sales and transport of false smoke fireworks and sentenced, according to last year the city police, confiscated 8225 illegal fireworks.

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