The future can be a mobile phone swipe card

phone in addition to used to call, send text messages, Internet access can do? Bus IC card recharge point, waiting for the team came out a few meters away, how worried? Bus ride encounter disputes, the responsibility is difficult to identify, how to solve?

in the future, these problems will be smoothly done or easily solved with the Xining bus, promote technological innovation, using a mobile phone in the bank self-service travel card, recharge IC card, car of new technology of video real-time monitoring will be gradually put into use in the provincial capital of the bus.

mobile phone with a mobile phone card to hide what secret?

bus card is lost after the loss is a very difficult thing, after the loss of the trouble aside, only need to submit himself to handle this one let many people waste a lot of time. When the phone can replace the bus ride, these troubles will no longer be troubled by the public, but also to the card is always filled with the burden of the burden".

In fact,

mobile phone with a credit card has been far away from the public. Currently, the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. is working with the telecommunications sector to implement mobile phone credit card project, is expected to start the pilot year.

by bus, often not forget to take the bus IC card, that is, there is no change, it is embarrassing. If the phone can be used directly as a bus card, it will bring much convenience." Chen citizens that the year after the mobile phone credit card will be quite excited after the news of the pilot.

bus by phone card, the phone hidden in what secret? Mobile card, the original bus IC card can be used? Xining city public transportation equipment technology limited liability company director Zhao Ehai introduced mobile phone card in other domestic first-tier cities have begun to realize that the development of intelligent transportation, mobile phone card is a direction, and telecommunications technology is relatively mature. In 2002, Xining bus introduced on vehicle charging system now, has 12 years of service, the next step will be to the existing vehicle IC card charging system and some of the equipment upgrade to a more secure and reliable CPU bus card gradually replace the existing M1 bus card, the bus and the GPS satellite positioning system integration system and mobile phone 3G smart technology to achieve passengers holding mobile phone travel card and mobile phone through the query operation status of bus line and the function of the vehicle.

is expected to start at the end of the pilot, after the phone swipe, the original IC card can also be used normally. Mobile phone credit card, phone calls and travel costs are calculated separately, can not be mixed." Zhao Ehai said.

IC card to recharge the queue to avoid the pain


bus in the city public transport accounted for a large proportion, in Xining, every day in the crowd, there are nearly 50% people preferred travel tools is the bus, therefore, the popularity rate is almost the public IC card of a staff, distribution of the recharge point is difficult to meet the public demand and the use of bank card recharge. Self recharge will greatly facilitate public travel.

it is understood that at present,;

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