Steady growth in the enterprise to help adjust the structure of the activities in the region to crea

To help companies build files, build small and micro enterprise financing platform, the establishment of the working group QQ group…… In the thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment in our province in various areas and various working groups according to their own actual, bold and innovative ways of working, working in more than two months of practice time, summed up a lot of good experiences and good practices.

CDB micro loan: open up small and micro enterprises to large banks financing channel

a large number of small and micro enterprises in Xining City, in helping activities, Xining city by industry and district division of the working group, launched the "enterprise construction project remote public training project, and the city’s Small and micro businesses involving a comprehensive clean-up of administrative fees, to reach the starting point of the value added tax exemption of 34 thousand households individual industrial and commercial households value-added tax 40 million 800 thousand yuan.

In addition

, China Development Bank Co Qinghai branch through microfinance cooperation and financing Guarantee Corporation, to open the country to micro lending this model to 26 businesses in the north of the city logistics park loans of 53 million 200 thousand yuan. This model integrates various social forces, by the bulk of loans to support, fully meet the financing needs of Small and micro businesses at the same time, to realize the risk and benefit sharing, open up Small and micro businesses to large state-owned bank financing channels, has become Small and micro businesses to explore suitable characteristics of the financing credit products and mortgage guarantee, major to carry out innovative Small and micro businesses credit business and services.

institutional innovation: a number of leading groups to help promote the activities of

Positive innovation system

Haidong district set up special leading group to solve the problems of enterprise development, the establishment of county three linkage mechanism, through combing and concentrate on solving the outstanding problems of production management and project construction in enterprises. At the same time, the establishment of leadership linking point helping enterprise system, carry out investigation to 29 college leaders and county leading cadres at county level is about two 200 hundred in-depth contact point enterprises and key projects, and formulate effective measures.

financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises widespread problems, Haidong region has also established a regional political and banking cooperation to promote coordination of the leading group to promote effective cooperation between government and bank three parties. Since the launch, only Ledu, Xunhua two counties have signed an agreement with the intention of the 45 companies signed a loan fund of $436 million.

QQ group: exchange learning platform

helping members of the working group to help companies do not know, do not know how to help do? Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in helping the work of the leading group under the overall arrangement, provincial, state and municipal helping group convergence convergence, innovation and work ideas and methods. In helping the staff training at the same time, making the universal enterprise research outline or questionnaire contents include the basic situation of enterprises, level of technology, the main raw material supply, the existing problems and points;

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