Xining was founded in the first test of the Committee

In order to reflect the fairness and justice of the test in Xining, as well as sunshine recruitment, this year, Xining was established in the first test committee. Then, composed of discipline, teacher representatives, deputies, representatives of parents of the members of the committee will be in Xining City, senior high school entrance examination examination, online marking process, students are an important part of the interview examination, inspection supervision. This reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education in June 15th.

this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education issued the "Xining city entrance examination supervision and management measures" to strengthen the supervision of the examination and enrollment work, to create a standardized, fair and harmonious environment for the examination. Through the improvement of special supervision system, increase the supervision and investigation and punishment of illegal school enrollment and irregularities. At the same time, the establishment of the supervision committee. By the community, parents, educational administrative departments, schools, such as the composition of the supervisory committee in the exam, the important part of the work of the test and the focus of the work of on-site supervision and inspection. On the scene of the inspection tour group is not convenient, Xining City Board of education will also be on the examination and enrollment procedures, links, such as the initiative to report to the Committee patrol group.

in Xining this year will be in the process of establishing a sound system of publicity. Involving students, parents and social concern of the enrollment policy, enrollment eligibility, enrollment plan, enrollment charter, candidates qualifications, admission procedures, admission results, consultation and complaint channels, major events violation results, an important link to enroll students review the results, and will be open, enhance transparency, to ensure in the senior high school entrance examination just and fair.

at the same time, according to the requirements of the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, Xining high school this year will also be set up in time for the examination of the committee, the school enrollment process for full supervision. In another development, this year, Xining City, as in previous years, or online marking spot timely open to the media reporters, representatives of parents.

embodies humanistic care

exam for the first time a candidate ad hoc examination room

reporter learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, this year, Xining will be the first test for a sick candidate with a special examination room.

this year on the eve of senior high school entrance examination, the Xining Municipal Education Bureau received a written application to students and parents said, suffering from disease, unable to control the body, usually written in the left hand, the writing speed is slow, leading to the test time is not. According to the candidates in peacetime and city simulation test time, combined with the parents, candidates requirements, apply for the examination in each exam were extended 30 minutes. Xining City Bureau of education staff in the Department of education, the candidates usually good results. Xining City Bureau of education in the Department of education, the reporter also saw the candidates of a math exam, out of 120 points in the test scores of 114.

The staff at the

Xining City Board of Education said, received the application, the Education Bureau of Xining City, access to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of education and China CDPF: caused by other diseases of the upper limb to the normal writing or no upper candidates;

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