Xining comprehensive remediation of contaminated water into the city to promote ecological construct

The construction of

intercepting sewer and drainage pipe network, governance Nanchuan River, Xichuan River, Beichuan River, management of sand resources, management and maintenance of drainage facilities in Xining City, the comprehensive management of pollution sources, promoting the construction of ecological city in the water into the city project.

plateau landscape garden city — this is the goal of Xining city construction. In order to be water in the city, the city became a reality in a beautiful picture of water ", Xining City, adhering to the" treat Ning strategy, water strategy of government "," strong flood, comprehensive pollution source, lead the water into the city.

water source. Xining City, vigorously promote the sand resources management, and resolutely put an end to steal and steal resources mining sand washing behavior, as of now, Xining City, 211 illegal mining sand washing field all closed, clean up the stock of accumulated sand 1 million 400 thousand, recovery of 830 acres of land; investment 84 million 180 thousand yuan, construction and reconstruction of city drainage pipe network 50 kilometers. At present, Bayi Road water points, water points in the Wuyi Road, a lane, a small Xiang Jia Road, Jinan spring rain sewage pipeline renovation project has been completed. Xining City, the first phase of the project with a total investment of 105 million yuan, the plant complex, dual-mode workshop, substation and other basic completion of all the supporting pipe network is completed, the total installed equipment has been completed more than 90%. Xining fifth sewage treatment plant fourth, has started construction; River comprehensive management, comprehensive management of the Beichuan river development, Xichuan River comprehensive treatment project is carried out in the Nanchuan River everything in good order and well arranged, lighting engineering design has been completed at present.

In order to make

more effective flood control work, Xining city to strengthen management, strict implementation of fine management standard drainage, sewage treatment, a total of 333 km pipeline dredge, replacement and maintenance of water wells 402, 359 inspection wells, water wells dredging 9570, 4646 inspection wells, water treatment at 7; at the same time out flood control personnel, timely solve the problem of city waterlogging, and Hai Yan Road, 71 Road, lane, South Gate Street production and a number of landslides disaster engineering.


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