Xining to Datong bus line selection of the successful completion of the work


the implementation of integration of urban and rural public transport during the last major intercity bus line – Xining to Datong bus line, after actively promote counties transportation, transportation management departments, is now well before the opening of the preparatory work. In order to create the fine line bus image, according to the unified vehicle requirements, according to the spirit of the meeting, June 8, 2010, yunguanchu held the first bus selection tender meeting, in strict accordance with the provisions of the bidding, in full supervision and Transportation Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection, the organization’s 11 members (including 1 cars, 2 operators on behalf of evaluation experts to participate in the bidding registration), Zhengzhou Yutong, Shiyan Dongfeng, Jiangsu friendship, Chongqing Hengtong four car manufacturers conducted a public evaluation, and ultimately determine the Xining Datong 72 bus line models for Zhengzhou Yutong ZA6842G pure natural gas double door bus, Xining Datong Township 5 sets of line models for Dongfeng EQ6751PT3 diesel buses.

After the selection of the

models, the 5 companies will be shipped with the successful bidder signed a contract to purchase a car, strict review of vehicle quality, is expected to be in place in early July, you can open the Xining to Datong bus line.


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