Xining a lot of good people

he picked up the phone to the owner

April 11th, province, city people Ms. Wang call the newspaper news hotline 96369, tells the story of her mobile phone lost thing.

April 3rd, when Ms. Wang accidentally lost their smart phones, but more importantly, there are hundreds of important mobile communication information. Ms. Wang is worried about trouble, friends try to call the phone number has been lost, I did not expect the phone is through. Ms. Wang holding the last glimmer of hope, lost to the phone sent a text message, but the other side to call, said: I picked up your phone, you go to the paper street, a noodle shop to claim." Ms. Yang was excited and moved, less than an hour before, I did not expect to lose something so quickly found, they hurried to get the phone.

originally picked up the phone is the provincial capital of the square street Jincheng beef noodle shop owner Ma Cheng, Ms. Wang went to the noodle shop, Ma Cheng took out the phone and returned to her, Ms. Wang would like to reward Ma Cheng was rejected. (author: Mo Qing)

he picked up the wallet and other owners to

"lost wallet can be found again, I really did not expect it! Thank you for the creditthat the shopkeeper." April 11th, the provincial city people Wu call the newspaper 96369 News Hotline said.

, according to Ms. Wu, 10, around 8, Ms. Wu in the teaching of a street named Jade Dragon food store after buying things, hurried out of the shop door. Near noon, Wu ready to eat. In the bag can be carried over and over again, is not a trace of the wallet.

feel a glimmer of hope Ms. Wu finally came to jade dragon food store, looking for the lost wallet. Fortunately, Ms. Wu’s wallet in the canteen.

store boss said: after the departure of Ms. Wu, was found on the counter has a red brown wallet. Can be chased out, the owner has long been missing. Had to wait for the owner to get the owner, can wait for a long time no one to take, almost to the police station will be sent to the wallet."

wallet in addition to containing 2600 yuan in cash, as well as bank cards, ID cards and other important items. Not a little money, not the same thing lost." Ms. Wu said, at that time, she took out 200 yuan from the wallet to thank the owner, but the owner said nothing. (author: Fan Chengcheng)

she saw the potential waiting for the owner

April 11th, the public Zhang call the newspaper hotline 96369 reflect, in April 10th, he was in the Yangtze River in the urban area of the parking lot, forget to close the window. After passing the public to see Ms. Dong, they waited for half an hour at the roadside, and so Mr. Zhang to do it back, Miss Dong left. "There’s my handbag and cell phone on the bus, thanks to the good people, or my loss is big." Mr. Zhang said.

April 10th, Ms. Dong saw a car parked on the way home;

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