West District of Xining work fresh wind blowing

"The street lamp is really fast! Now more and more agile government officer." February 23rd early in the morning, who lives in the south of the city west of the meteorological Lane Shao aunt on the morning of the partners said. A few days ago, South Lane Street meteorological electrical box malfunction, affecting nearby residents sooner or later travel, Chengxi District Construction Bureau was informed of the situation, immediately sent to the maintenance and replacement of power transformation box, the problem is resolved quickly won the district residents praise, new changes so that the majority of people truly feel to change the style of the.Since

turn style to carry out the work of the west area, combining with regional characteristics, formulated to improve the work style of the provisions of article ten, to carry out the work style of cadres further thorough investigation, strict work discipline, effectively promote the region’s departments and units puxiashenzai grasp the implementation of the work. During the interview, a district style inspection group staff told reporters: "turn style activities in the region, various departments and units for" mediocre, lazy, "the new recruit works emerge in an endless stream. Push the door check style, signed letters of responsibility, the implementation of a system, and performance appraisal linked to the "inhibition" is read more tightly, the 6 inspection teams to unannounced inspection work of various departments, each department work style has been significantly improved."

February 22nd at 5 pm, the reporter came to the west district social security hall, warm and harmonious atmosphere, quality service, civilized language to let people feel comfortable, happy to leave. Liu came to the office, told reporters: New Year’s new weather, here to work more than the original enthusiasm".

it is understood that the current District Social Security Bureau soldiers four points and the employment needs of enterprises and employment needs, in full swing in preparation for 2013 spring action employment fair. Reporters came to the district authorities unannounced visits to some departments, to see the office staff strictly abide by discipline, work order. "Hello! This is the Cold Lake Road community, what do you want?" Residents call the community from time to time, the staff patiently answer every question. Only 22 days a day, the community staff to answer the phone call there are more than and 20.

fifteen in the early morning of the first day, the relevant leaders of the west district early came to the scene of the sunning Plaza lanterns, one by one to check the duty on the situation, emphasizing the importance of safety work. This year, the West District attaches great importance to the Lantern Festival security work, to strengthen the public security, traffic police, fire, urban management, electricity and other departments on duty to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property during the Lantern festival. (author: Su Jianping)


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