Two sessions caused widespread concern through the car users pay attention to the topic of price inc

in January 15th, for the majority of people in politics, offer advice and suggestions to build an open platform, the west city newspaper opened through NPC and CPPCC five channel public opinion, has been widely response and active participation of readers. On the two day, many readers call, QQ message and send micro-blog suggestions at the same time, looking forward to the NPC and CPPCC.

in the newspaper started five straight NPC and CPPCC channel public opinion on the first day, Xining people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 Mr. Jiang said, he opened a cigarette and liquor vendor in Northern District, the store has no tobacco business license business license. Last month, the tobacco companies found that he had confiscated cigarettes in the shop after selling cigarettes without a license. He went to the tobacco companies to bid for tobacco business license, the license is not enough to permit the distance between the tobacco companies do not do. But according to his understanding, some shops even business licenses are not, but the tobacco business license has been run down. He hoped that members of the two sessions, representatives can pay attention to this situation, it is recommended that the relevant departments to regulate the operation of tobacco business license procedures.

people in Xining, Mr. Liu said in the West Sea metropolis newspaper reader group, Qinghai high prices, low income, this revenue and expenditure is not proportional to the phenomenon of hope that the two sessions on behalf of members of concern.

Mr. Wang sent a message to the people of Xining

, after the convening of the eighteen, involving education to be fair, the province has not yet introduced off-site entrance policy, I hope the two sessions to discuss.

Tencent micro-blog @ histore water for this # micro NPC and CPPCC # activities said: instant interactive new media attention.

Sina micro-blog @ Qinghai media planning commented: the two sessions, good. This is the innovation of traditional media means of communication, also build a good platform for the government to listen to the voice of the people and people, people understand the information NPC and CPPCC, awesome!


micro-blog @ Xining crispy lanes. Now the provincial capital of the road is narrow, the car parked on the sidewalk, also on the sidewalk tile damage, repair the bike lanes on the road is obviously not feasible, but can open up to the sidewalk, reduce the pavement damage, traffic congestion and pollution often serious, if not pay attention, Xining will usher in haze weather sooner or later.

…… (author: Long Tengfei)


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