To form a concerted effort to promote the construction of beautiful countryside

8 5, the province held in 2016 plateau beautiful countryside construction and renovation of farmers and herdsmen work site observation. From the province’s state relevant departments responsible participants, and watched the scene in Datong village, LAN Xun rang Xiang Tan Cun, Anning 5 plateau beautiful countryside construction and herdsmen ramshackle situation. At the meeting, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor of the province Zhang Jianming plateau beautiful countryside, rebuilding the achievements fully affirmed, and work on the next deployment requirements, to strengthen the leadership on the province, to form a powerful force in the construction of the beautiful countryside and farmers and herdsmen old dangerous houses renovation work, to ensure the full completion of this year the work of the task.

8 5 in the morning, to observe the delegation arrived in Datong County roots Xiang Lan village, into the new plateau beautiful countryside demonstration, smooth road, sound infrastructure, ethnic village housing construction, village green bright…… A new picture of the prosperity of rural areas in front of the show. Today, the village has completely changed the face of the village, the new house, the street lights, cultural square built up, the villagers have a great change in the spirit of the face. Reporters learned that this year’s plateau beautiful countryside construction work throughout the region features and national characteristics, fully respect the wishes of the masses, and maintain the village development pattern of traditional culture and national heritage context. Among them, Huangnan Henan County, according to local conditions, take you should gather together, should loose the loose approach for the construction of beautiful countryside plateau; Tongren County of Huangnan, the implementation of the comprehensive management of environmental protection and traditional villages in the contiguous zone; Datong County focus on traditional village pattern, and protect the natural river system etc.. Around the plateau in the beautiful countryside construction, welcomed by the local farmers and herdsmen, has become one of the province’s Huimin project and popular works. At the same time, actively cultivate the rural tourism, characteristic planting, breeding scale of new rural ecological industry, carry out e-commerce village comprehensive pilot, the advantage of regional resources and ecological advantages into economic advantages, broaden the channels of farmers and herdsmen get rich.

reporter from the provincial housing department was informed that this year’s plateau beautiful countryside construction work there is an innovation, which is involved in the work of the deployment of rural construction, the new increase farmers and herdsmen reconstruction project. As of July, the province’s 300 villages in the construction of the plateau has been started construction, a total of all types of construction projects to raise funds for construction of 2 billion 912 million yuan in. Including health, education, culture, sports and human and livestock drinking water, power grids, road hardening, street lighting and other infrastructure projects, benefiting 283 thousand and 700 people. At the same time, around the plateau in the beautiful countryside construction, but also the plateau beautiful countryside construction and the protection of traditional villages combined protection efforts to strengthen the ancient villages, ancient houses, ancient buildings, ancient trees, the traditional village protection work fruitful.


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