Xining city women’s Federation petition cases decreased proportion of domestic violence is still hig

to solve the problem of women’s petition in the provincial capital of Xining Federation of women.

according to statistics, in 2008, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation call letters and visits totaled 223, compared to the same period last year decreased by 35.2%, while in petition cases, marriage and family type 183, among them, domestic violence has 84, accounting for 45.9% of the marriage and family type. According to the staff, the case of domestic violence is still a hot and difficult cases petition. In the case of letters and visits, the types of domestic violence cases are family violence between husband and wife, family violence among family members and family violence against children. In 2008, the domestic violence between spouses was 91.6%. Analysis of the case, the majority of domestic violence occurred in the low level of education, economic independence, resigned on domestic violence, self-protection awareness is not strong women; marital discord, common property disputes emerged, her husband was having an affair, the husband grumpy, family irresponsible, alcoholism is caused by family violence the reason.

domestic violence is still the main cause of family breakdown. In addition, the spouse has an affair, cohabitation, family property disputes, children’s education, but also a common cause of divorce cases.



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