Qinghai food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors regulations the official

12 30, provincial government information office held the "Regulations of Qinghai province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") press conference, the provincial government’s Legislative Affairs Office, the provincial food and drug administration, responsible person on the "Qinghai province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management regulations" the promulgation and implementation of explained.

conference pointed out that with the implementation of the People’s Republic of China food safety law, the province in recent years to increase supervision, the overall stability of the province’s food safety situation. But because of the impact of food workshops and food vendors in small scale, scattered distribution, quantity, production and operation conditions, poor awareness of food safety practitioners such as weak objective factors, increasing the difficulty of monitoring, there are some food safety hazards, the food safety law of food workshops and food vendors supervision without specific provisions make a ring chain of food safety supervision on the most vulnerable, must be guided and regulated by local legislation. In 2016, after the twelfth session of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress, adopted at the twenty-ninth session of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the regulations came into force on January 1, 2017.

the regulations established the following specific management system:

– license registration system, the implementation of a small food workshop licensing system, food workshops to obtain food production and processing of small workshops permit, before engaging in food production and operation activities. Food vendors to implement registration management system, access to food vendors registration card, no need to apply for a business license to engage in food business activities.

– incoming inspection certificate and invoice system, small food workshops and food vendors shall establish a ledger purchase records, truthfully record the food raw materials and food additives name, specifications, quantity, date of purchase and supplier name, contact information, notes and other documents for purchase.

– health examination system, practitioners should conduct regular health checks every year, with valid health certificate.

– food recall system, small workshops found its production of food does not meet food safety standards, it shall report to the food and drug regulatory authorities to immediately stop production, take notice or announcement way to inform the relevant food operators to stop operation, consumers stop eating, recall foods already on the market, and truthfully record and recall notice the situation.

– negative list system, the regulations cited food workshops and food vendors to prohibit the production and operation of food directory. Prohibition of food production and processing small workshops following food, specifically for infants and young children, pregnant women and other particular groups of people claim to have specific health food; food; frozen drinks, frozen food, canned food, jelly products, dairy products, the production of other traditional methods other than the process of soy sauce and vinegar; use of alcohol blending wine; commissioned the production and processing of food packaging or other food production and processing; prohibited provisions of the state and the province. Food vendors may operate bulk liquor, decorative cake, aquatic products, vegetables and other food does not meet food safety standards. Municipalities,;

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