Xining city district government to purchase services the first single

for continuous innovation and improve public services to provide a new model, combined with the city’s economic and social development and the actual needs of the masses, to break the traditional model, and steadily promote government procurement of services.

, a pioneer in the District Urban Management Bureau as the city district government purchase service, implement in Nanchuan Road area sanitation cleaning integration projects, public service will be completed by the main body of the market, breaking the new mode through a broom ". Plans to invest 8 million 700 thousand yuan to the urban fringe, Nanchuan West high streets and back lanes, three buildings, cleaning, garbage transfer station, and the public toilet management area dust sprinkler work outsourcing. At the same time, the district will establish service quality guarantee system, sanitation clean sanitation supervision and inspection system and the year-end appraisal system, improve the management mechanism, strengthen the daily supervision, and explore the formation of "government leading, carry out their duties, contract management, dynamic supervision" of the government long-term working mechanism of social organization service purchase, the formation of the new normal efficient allocation of society resources.


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