Xining City North District for the public to solve the toilet difficult

recently, north of the city of Xining City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in Chaoyang Road, Menyuan crossroads public toilets, praised by the masses, especially in the vicinity of the enterprise, many merchants praise words pavement.

it is understood that the surrounding businesses more Menyuan crossroads, pavement, large logistics market and nearby, many migrant workers, from the business, the toilet has become a big problem, defecation phenomena have occurred. Received the public to reflect the situation, north of the City Urban Management Bureau of the use of existing resources, multi-party coordination, the flow of public toilets set to solve the Menyuan crossroads, crossroads pedestrian Menyuan toilet difficult problem, but also provides a comfortable environment for toilet nearby businesses. (author: Yuan Zhen Li Jianping)

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