Shanghai expert group for the development of Dr

In July 10th, 5 experts in Shanghai Pudong "expert Dr. service team came to Xining, this is from Shanghai and Pudong City friendship city 14 years, Pudong sent to me, the tenth batch of" expert services group, Xining development suggestions.

the same day, the expert Dr. mission, the 5 experts in accordance with the needs of the unit and individual director to carry out seminars. As professor Ding Jian around the city development financing mode and made lectures, Zhao Kang experts on the safety inspection of agricultural products estate carried out exchanges and discussions, Professor Wang Yilin gave a special lecture for oral subject etc.. Among them, East China Normal University vice president of city and Regional Planning Institute of the benefits package with "strategic" cultural tourism as the theme in the development of Regional Tourism Bureau lectures on city tourism development work achievements affirmed.

Dr. Sun Haihao Department of traffic engineering

Tongji University School of transportation engineering as a hot and difficult peer city traffic development – a case study of "as the theme of the seminar in the city traffic bureau, Sun Haihao from the city’s layout is characteristic of cross band, suggestions to improve the bus system, create transit city. Sun Haihao suggested that to enhance the quality of public service bus, the public must consciously do science, green, civilized travel. Subsequently, Sun Haihao combined with the actual situation in Xining, respectively, from the traffic improvement, bus network, intelligent transportation and parking four aspects of the views given.

relevant units of staff have said that the recommendations made by the experts are very instructive, to the cadres and workers and professional and technical personnel to bring new ideas, new ideas. In the future, we will strengthen communication and broaden the channels of development.


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