Xining city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau held the city food and drug regulatory s

recently, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held the city food and drug regulatory system construction work of the forum, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau), City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the third discipline committee leadership and the District, County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau and the food and drug morals duty supervisor was invited to guide the work of. The district and county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau is mainly responsible for the director of the Institute and the health supervision, the Council leadership team members and subordinate units, the offices responsible person to attend the meeting.

participants visited the field of the north area of Qilian Road food safety demonstration street, North South supermarket stores, Zhenhai pharmaceutical pharmaceutical pharmacy bridge, in Qinghai Fukang Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd to participate in the forum.

food and drug administration director weeks chaired the meeting, deputy director Li Xiangdong on the first half of the construction were reported, Chengzhong District Council and North District Bureau for the exchange statement. At the meeting, the Council issued a letter of appointment to hire the morals duty supervisor, and through the issuance of style questionnaire and discussion and communication, and actively solicit opinions and suggestions.

, deputy secretary, director of the Supervision Bureau, city council office deputy director Comrade Chen Hongbing on the city’s food and drug supervision system construction work achievements fully affirmed. Request on how to do a better job of work style construction: one is to be good at summing up experience, and constantly improve the level of construction. We must unswervingly adhere to the "who is in charge, who is responsible", "pipe industry must pipes morals and combined principles, around the central task, focus on solving the outstanding problems, set up a long-term thinking, careful analysis to find the weak links in the work style construction, adhere to the" open "focus, and strengthen the style construction of initiative and responsibility. The two is to focus on detailed work, deepening style building, food and drug supervision system. To further enhance the sense of public service, improve the service level; to further establish the concept of refinement, carry out meticulous services; to further strengthen the system construction, strictly abide by the provisions, impartial and honest law enforcement; further rectify harm the interests of the masses to ensure public food and drug safety unwholesome tendencies, pay attention to the grassroots, laying the foundation. Three is a fine organization and arrangements, urged the new progress in construction. Pay attention to the system construction, and constantly improve the PCED system, deepen and improve the democratic appraisal work, seize the democratic appraisal work style construction mobilization links, review key and difficult link and rectification links, to give full play to the supervisory role of the news media, safeguarding the fundamental interests of the masses of the people.

Zhou at the meeting emphasized, is a clear responsibility to focus, in the implementation efforts. The two is to grasp the truth, really dry, in the effort to achieve practical results. The three is to strengthen the supervision to focus, in efforts to improve the supervision mechanism. Each unit leaders should take the responsibility, to grasp the content of the meeting to study and implement the work of implementing the measures and plans of the departments and entities, to further promote the construction of food and drug regulatory system, to promote the healthy development of the food and drug administration;

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