Province has a total of 219 thousand and 800 public rental housing allocation

reporter recently learned from the provincial housing and urban construction department was informed that, in recent years, our province to increase the allocation of public rental housing in the schedule, as of the end of August, the province’s allocation of public rental occupancy totaled 219 thousand and 800 units, allocated proportion is 79.46%, 9204 sets of new occupancy distribution.

it is reported that, in order to further improve the allocation of public rental occupancy rate, our province will further improve the allocation of public rental management approach, combined with the development of new urbanization and household registration system reform process, appropriate to relax the access conditions, lower application threshold. Start the application to accept the work, broaden the application channels, the implementation of the normalization of acceptance, improve audit efficiency, speed up the allocation of public rental housing. At the same time, supporting infrastructure projects, overall use of state subsidies, the infrastructure will be in place as soon as possible; the completion of delivery has not been allocated for the project, to formulate the corresponding rent plan as soon as possible to complete the assigned occupancy; not the completion of the project, the implementation of pre distribution measures, in the 3 months before completion of preparation with rent, rent in advance to start the program, complete the assigned work in 1 months after the project completion and acceptance.


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