The first high speed construction of water transport completed by the end of 2017

I focus on the transportation construction project of Xunhua province to the longwuxia gorge section of highway is the national highway 310 line (Lianyungang Republic) and an important part of our province highway network planning in Linxia to the Republic of the highway, will be built in Gansu and Qinghai to strengthen communication links, further development and utilization along an important channel of yellow economic zone. Project started construction in June, the current 8 tunnels across the board and the construction of a total of 25 bridges. As the line across the reservoir, which has become the province’s first use of water transport construction of the highway. It is understood that the 310 National Highway from Xunhua to longwuxia gorge section of highway, a total length of 40.38 kilometers, the investment budget of 4 billion 592 million yuan, is located in the territory of Xunhua province and Longhua County, the line across the steep terrain and fractured rock and seismic faults in the Gongboxia reservoir, is a typical plateau, reservoir, mountain, valley highway. In order to solve the construction of the reservoir area and the operation of the power of the latter part of the road, more than 1300 builders set up a 31 km long power line on the steep mountains. At the same time, 1 million 380 thousand tons of steel into the reservoir, cement, sand and stone, as well as all the tunnel slag, etc. through water transport. In order to solve the difficulties in the construction machinery, equipment, materials and personnel transportation in the reservoir area, the construction company has built 6 ships, and has built up a total of 5 terminals along the coast of the reservoir area. According to reports, since the start of the project, the construction units to overcome difficulties, to promote the progress of the project. Among them, Gongboxia reservoir 13.41 km road is a section of the road construction is the most dangerous and most difficult, this section of the road has 6 tunnels and 6 bridges, bridge and tunnel ratio as high as 93%. As of now, the construction project has been basically completed. This road is planned to be completed by the end of 2017, will play an important role in optimizing the regional road network structure, and promote economic and social development in ethnic minority areas along the line.  

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